Above image is a stock gas mask photo for effect.

People are full of shit. I can’t tell you the number of articles, YouTube videos and podcasts where people speculate on what is going to happen in a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) situation. How people are going to barter, how there are going to be roving bands of outlaws, how the government is going to sweep in and take their stuff.

How do they know? They don’t. Almost every one of them is not disaster management specialist. Few of them have even been in a collapse environment (save deployed military personal), and the majority of their information is made up. 

How The Web Works

So why do they do that? Well, if you don’t know how the web works, you need content. Real content is hard to come by. It takes time to research, interview, sort and then you maybe have a single article that took you a month to create. There is a reason that a newspaper has many, many people working on stories – because it takes time, money and effort to find factual information (if they are interested in this). 

In the age of the web, if you have a website or channel, or podcast, you need hits – which means more and more content. And there are two ways that people get hits:

  1. Gear Reviews – especially the new and shiny stuff
  2. Contentious opinion

If you talk about contentious gear, then you have hit the motherload. All I have to do is mention the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker T1 knife (ad a link for Google to troll), and I will get 20% more hits on this article alone. 

If you don’t have anything contentious to say and you are too lazy to write about something concrete, then you can always speculate. I could easily write 5000 words on why when TEOTWAWKI hits, we are going to need ________ .

It is easy to see how and why this works. What was the first thing you looked up when you got into survival / preparedness / prepping? If you said cool gear / stuff and now look at the stream of videos on any popular channel / site you will have your answer. 

Disaster Flood

What Would Happen

I don’t know what would happen in a disaster. I know what I have been through in terms of short term “disasters” – job loss, power outages, winter storms, being lost, etc. But in regards to how the world would collapse… no clue. 

What we can do is make assumptions about human behaviour in general terms. We can speculate that people will reduce to their lowest base instincts of taking what they don’t have, if they are tired, hungry and scared. Or maybe people will rise up. Maybe they will come out and help their neighbour clean up their yards after a tornado sweeps through.

The Real Answer

The question you should as is: What would you do? How would you act. Now how would you really act

What happens to you when you go without food for a couple of days? When you are scared and lost. Now is the time to test yourself, to run drills. To push yourself to the limits while the system is still working.

At Zulu Survival, we are interested in the real answers. We discuss concrete concepts that are proven to work. There is no hearsay here. Only as much fact and experience as can be gathered. If you question this, just ask yourself this simple question: Where did the rule of threes (3 min without air, 3 hours without shelter…) really come from? Do you know? I am still looking, but close.

If I have any gear that is in the articles there are two reasons for it. First, it is because I have used the gear and trust it. There is a mountain of crap out there with the label “tactical” that has failed me. And two, because I know that I will get more hits if I place a product(s) into an information article. Mention knife, and you get 5 hits, mention a Gerber whatever and get 1000. Now a thousand more people know about the right way to build a debris shelter. Not that you need a knife to build a debris shelter. But there is a lot of debris shelters that are build very wrong. And when you know what it is supposed to look like, you start to worry that a newby will trust that design.

I can only show you the door, you have to step through it. Yes, I just quoted the Matrix. It’s a good quote.